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Have cleared the shout box (posts were getting stale anyway). Clean slate, so get shouting everyone! :)
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Welcome to our Gryphons Without Wings [GWW] guild web site!

Welcome to the Gryphons Without Wings [GWW] web site.

We're a Guild Wars 2 and Guild Wars guild, primarily for players located in Australian and New Zealand compatible time zones.  We've set up home on the Isle of Janthir (IoJ) and Sea of Sorrows (SoS) servers, although we welcome members from all reaches of the world and on any server.

If you're looking for a friendly, laid back, mature but fun-focused guild who simply love to play the game, whether it be PvE &/or WvW, then please click here to join us.  Once an accepted member, you'll have full access to our website, where you will find a forum for general chat, guild activities discussion & technical support, plus we have a characters roster, a place for guildies to request assistance with a game task and much. much more.  We have nightly in-game events, we've unlocked the guild missions so we can enjoy exclusive guild activities together, and from time-to-time, we run competitions with prizes and fun for all who participate.

If you're just visiting "on the fly", so to speak, please feel free to peruse our gallery -- enjoy, and thanks for visiting our home. :)

So, why should I buy and play Guild Wars 2?  Here's why...
Guild News

Guild about to unlock Trek Missions

Wolfie_, Feb 28, 14 11:49 AM.
Thanks to everyone's efforts in successfully completing guild bounties over the last few weeks, and all the influence points we've accumulated, the guild has just begun building the last unlock for Guild Trek missions.  It should be completed by March 7th.  Now, we can begin earning our way to Guild Rushes!  Exciting times ahead.

Wolfie on the return

Wolfie_, Feb 18, 14 1:21 AM.
Sorry everyone for vanishing without a word.  It was not a hardware issue.  The cause is not something I talk much about openly, however I have been recovering from a long-term illness for some two and a half years now, unfortunately had a relapse and was in no condition to be in-game or keep up with my guild activities.  Am doing better, trying now to pick up the pieces and get back on track, have quite a bit to catching up on to do on the forum, and hope to get in-game again very soon.  A big thank to everyone that chipped in and helped keep the guild running and fun.

UPDATE: Expecting to be in-game Friday, looking forward to catching up with everyone.

Wolfie is temporarily AWOL

Frogking, Feb 11, 14 8:16 AM.
Hi guys, many of you may have noticed our guild leader, Wolfie, has been out of the game for a little while now. His absence is temporary, we believe it may be due to a combination of internet connection and pc/hardware issues.

Due to some on-going RL issues of my own, I will also be mostly afk until either this coming weekend or early the following week.
Be assured though that during our absences we will continue with business as normal for the guild. 

In order to facilitate the smooth running of the guild in the meantime, Jace and Umi will be acting officers and looking after running the weekly events. This will include the guild missions, which we're aiming to get back on track.

Also, during Wolfie's absence, I will be acting GL, until his return.  Catch you guys in game soon, let's all work together to keep our guild the happy, friendly community we've come to know and Wolfie will be proud to come back to.

Progress towards Guild Treks has begun

Wolfie_, Jan 22, 14 11:08 PM.
The guild has started progress towards unlocking Guild Trek missions.  Members can read more details on our forums here and view a progress chart on the [Characters] tab (top-right corner).  We'd like to encourage as many members as possible to login on Sunday evening (around 7:30pm AEST), we ideally need 16-20 or more to have a decent chance of success at completing some Guild Bounty missions to earn the required guild merits.
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