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The [Adventuring] page now features a real-time display of all the mega-server event timers.
OMG!! First-Person View is coming in March to the GW2 client! YES!!
Cleaned up our Gallery, removed images with broken links and added some new HoT images
There's a posting on the member forums for everyone to discuss their thoughts, comments, concerns over GW2:HoT. Now the wait begins, first for a launch date announcement, and then for the launch itself.
So Heart of Thorns eh! New lands to explore? New playable races? Maybe a new profession? Hmmm, guess we'll have to wait for Jan 24th to learn more!
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Welcome to our Gryphons Without Wings [GWW] guild web site!

Welcome to the Gryphons Without Wings [GWW] web site.

We're a Guild Wars 2 and Guild Wars guild, primarily for players located in Australian and New Zealand compatible time zones.  We've set up home on the Isle of Janthir (IoJ) and Sea of Sorrows (SoS) servers, although we welcome members from all reaches of the world and on any server.

If you're looking for a friendly, laid back, mature but fun-focused guild who simply love to play the game, whether it be PvE &/or WvW, then please click here to join us.  Once an accepted member, you'll have full access to our website, where you will find a forum for general chat, guild activities discussion & technical support, plus we have a characters roster, a place for guildies to request assistance with a game task and much. much more.  We have nightly in-game events, we've unlocked the guild missions so we can enjoy exclusive guild activities together, and from time-to-time, we run competitions with prizes and fun for all who participate.

If you're just visiting "on the fly", so to speak, please feel free to peruse our gallery -- enjoy, and thanks for visiting our home. :)

So, why should I buy and play Guild Wars 2?  Here's why...
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Journey into the Heart of Maguuma

Wolfie_, Feb 4, 15 6:00 PM.
New blog posted on the Heart of Thorns web site: Journey into the Heart of Maguuma, and follow-up articles on IGN and Dulfy.net.  Below are the dot-points:
  • Maps are similar to Dry Top/Silverwastes in terms of dynamic events. These maps have a second phase feature like Dry Top (sandstorms) where the Mordrem comes out in overwhelming numbers at night. You will need to build defense during the day to help the NPCs survive the night.
  • Maps will place less focus on total land mass but instead on depth – 3D play space, deep replay value and other marketing jargons.
  • The three layers are, the canopy (littered with the destroyed Pact Fleet and vines), the jungle floor (dense plant life and jungle critters) and the roots of the jungle (underneath the jungle, underground, where happiness and sunshine do not go).
  • Outpost system on the new maps similar to the towers in Silverwastes. Events are tied to a specific location and you upgrade defenses and expand your outpost which in tern spawn more events.
  • Adventurers are a new type of repeatable content unlocked at Outposts. Anything can be an adventure – jumping puzzles, minigames, activities etc. Unlike events, your individual progress is tracked by a new UI system and you are rewarded based on performance.
  • There are mushrooms you can interact in Maguuma Jungle that will offer you access to new areas or better vantage points
  • New NPC races, one of them is the Itzel. Learn their language to unlock things with them such as vendors, special combat abilities that can help you overcome obstacles, and collections.
  • Mastery content can be used outside the new zones, including Fractal of the Mists.
  • Mushroom jumping and Gliding will both be mastery abilities

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns expansion pack confirmed!

Wolfie_, Jan 24, 15 8:17 PM.
ArenaNet have confirmed Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns:
  • Yup, it's an expansion pack
  • Nope, there is no release date
  • Takes place in the heart of the Maguuma forest, over three layers
  • Level cap remains @ 80
  • Ascended gear remains the top tier of gear
  • Professions will be able to specialise using the new Mastery system, enabling them to use weapons they previously couldn't, for example necros can get access to greatsword, ranger to staves
  • There will be one new profession: Revenant; it seems to be a cross between the GW1 Dervish and Ritualist professions.  (Rytlock becomes the first of them)
  • There will be a way to source pre-cursor weapons via in-game collections (no longer reliant on just the Mystic Forge and blind luck)
  • There will be new pre-cursor and legendary weapons
  • WvW gets an "re-imagination", with new borderland maps
  • There will be guild halls (yay! At long last)

You can watch a re-broadcast of the announcement here:

Watch live video from GuildWars2 on www.twitch.tv

GW2 community awaiting official word on Heart of Thorns

Wolfie_, Jan 13, 15 9:53 PM.
The rumour mill has been working overtime this last week about a possible expansion pack for GW2, which is to be called Heart of Thorns.  The GW2:HoT logo features in the final Living Story season 2 cutscene, and NCsoft have been spotted filing a trademark request for a product of this name.  It's looking like there will be some sort of announcement at the PAX event on January 24th.  There's a discussion thread in the member's forums, so let the wild speculation begin!

Guild about to unlock Trek Missions

Wolfie_, Feb 28, 14 11:49 AM.
Thanks to everyone's efforts in successfully completing guild bounties over the last few weeks, and all the influence points we've accumulated, the guild has just begun building the last unlock for Guild Trek missions.  It should be completed by March 7th.  Now, we can begin earning our way to Guild Rushes!  Exciting times ahead.
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